Francesca Battistelli

I’ve read many articles and quotes on love, listened to hundreds of love songs, heard people share their perspectives on love but hadn’t come across something so well written, holding so much truth about this great mystery called LOVE. There’s a song by Francesca Battistelli called Worth it. The reason I find the lyrics of this song very profound and interesting is because when it comes to love, people hold very contrasting views on the subject depending on their personal experiences. There are those with a fairy tale-like view who believe, when they hear about love, that it is supposed to be beautiful, rosy and give them a butterfly sensation in the stomach. Then there are those who have reached a place of not believing that love even exists, and if it does, it’s probably just a gimmick that people use as a means to their end.

But the author of Worth it, not trying to convince anyone to join those who believe that love is beautiful or those who believe that it is cruel, artistically put across that love is not easy but in the end, it is worth it!

I consider the chorus of the song to be the focal point of what I’m trying to bring to you through this article. It comes in a form of a question though, which I’d like to ask you today because in as much as love has a pleasant effect on us, there are times when it hurts us and make us cry, so:

“Whatcha gonna do when the bottom falls out and

You’re left with nothin’ but your fear and your doubt to hold to?

Who will hold you?

Where you gonna run when it’s all on the line and you’re lookin’ for someone to save your life?”

These questions only bring to mind that even in our most loving relationships, there will come a day when we hit rock bottom and need someone/somewhere to ‘run to’.  People run to so many things when things get tough – suicide attempts, addictions of all sorts etc – which sadly, in most cases, end their lives prematurely. But I’d like to talk about a love that outlives all challenges, that even when the bottom falls out, and all is on the line, will save you. Such love exists and is available for all of us to experience. Please click on the banner below and watch the video to give us an opportunity to share more with you.

If you don’t know the song I’ve been talking about in this post, here is a lyrics video of Worth it for your viewing pleasure!