If you’ve ever been inside the walls of a mainstream Christian church, you’ve probably heard this catchy slogan. It usually goes a little something like this:

Preacher: God is good!

Congregation: All the time!

Preacher: All the time!

Congregation: God is good!

It’s certainly a wonderful thing to state and it sure does a great job of getting people worked up and excited. But, when you really go deep and ask the question calmly and logically, something seems not to make sense. If God really is good all the time, how is it possible that all these negative and horrible things happen in the world?

So many people have asked “Is God always good?” and so much has been said about the claimed goodness of God versus all the evil we see in the world but, amazingly, it’s in the simplest things that we find the answers to our deepest fears, anxieties and questions. Check out this video:

The words at the end of this video are powerful but they also offer a personal challenge. “God is good, but He wants real people like you to know Him but the free choice is yours”. Make a choice, for yourself, to believe and trust in God today. If you’d like to know what next steps to take, please click on the banner below.