Without doubt, one of the most hotly anticipated gadgets of 2014 has been the iPhone 6. Lo and behold, the good people of Apple Inc. have given the world not one but two iPhone 6’s – one with 4.7 inches of screen real estate and another super-sized version, aptly named the iPhone 6 Plus. The latter enters phablet (phone + tablet) territory with a generous 5.5 inches. Definitely not for those who are precious about one-handed use!

Whether you are an Apple fan or not (I’ll keep the haters away by keeping my opinion to myself), when Apple speaks, people generally take notice. At least on that point, we can all generally agree. Now that the iPhone 6 is out and shipping to early adopters, the reviews are starting to come thick and fast. Hit this link for a quick summary of reviews done so far, courtesy of www.businessinsider.com.

At 1Africa though, we like to give everything an African focus and hear what our fellow Africans have to say about what’s going on. The rest of the world may think something is amazing but Africa may think totally differently. So this is where we want to hear what you, the 1Africa community, think. Is the iPhone 6 the hottest tech gadget of 2014 so far? If you don’t think so, hit us up in the comments section and tell us which gadget takes that trophy for you and why! If you think the question is rhetorical, you should still get in touch and let us know if you’ll be getting yourself the iPhone 6.

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