Family and friends are vital to our existence.  Without them we’d become islands of isolation, we’d simply bottle up and fade away. We often shut people out when we’ve been hurt and disappointed, we sadly adopt the mind-set that it might be easier to go through life alone, that way I cannot be hurt.  

Some years back I adopted that mentality, I tried to live my life alone and secluded from my friends, but sadly all it got me was deep loneliness and what felt like depression.

I think the biggest motivation for this kind of behaviour is a severe lack of trust.  We lose faith in people, we lose faith in God – we simply don’t trust anymore.

I have discovered that this thinking is really not helpful, especially when I feel like pushing God aside.  When I was a teenager I went through some very trying times, and during some of those moments I blamed God and I accused Him of not being there.

15 years later I endured a terrible experience where people let me down.  No wait! People crushed me to the point where I had symptoms of depression.  As hard as that experience was, I never once blamed God, I simply just trusted God and relied on His strength.

The USA have “In God We Trust ” splashed out over their currency and it acts of a symbol of faith, I guess.  But who do you trust?  Do you trust in your own ability, do you trust in your friends and family, do you trust in God?

If you’ve been hurt by people or if you believe God has let you down and you feel like you have lost all sense of trust – click on the banner below!