Have you ever considered a guitar, or any stringed instrument for that matter? The only way the guitar produces great sound is by having tension applied to its strings, the strings are always pulled taut. But here’s another interesting fact. Because of all the tension, the neck of the guitar takes such strain that it begins to bow (or bend), similarly to a bow and arrow. Thanks to some clever genius who was smart enough to conceptualize an idea that if you install a truss rod in the actual neck you could counteract the tension and the neck would be straight again.
What would the guitar be without any tension applied to its strings? Just a miserable sounding item with heaps of potential.

Life is kinda the same way. The only way our true nature is exposed for all to see is the moment we become high strung and tension is applied. The moment we are tried and tested and all the wrong buttons are pressed, that’s when we begin to produce all the right notes, or are they?
But what sound are your tensely wound strings producing?

If you’ve ever played a guitar whose neck is bent out of shape you’ll agree, it’s downright horrible.  You don’t get the correct pitches and tones, t’s virtually impossible to enjoy.

Are you producing beautiful tone no matter the circumstances, or do you sound like a guitar whose neck is all bent out of shape, buckling under the pressure?  Or do you have backbone to counteract the tension life pulls on you?  Whether you like it or not, you’re always producing music, someone is always plucking at your strings. The question is, are you producing beautiful music in every season, or do you only produce beautiful sound when you feel like it, when you’re really excited because everything is going your way?  What about that moment when someone who you find to be highly frustrating pulls at your strings, how would you sound then?

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