If wishes were horses, the world would be every breeder’s dream…a stable full of pedigree thoroughbreds sired by stallion specimens made in heaven. Alas, wishes are far from being horses so many a horse breeder’s dreams dashed for as long as time endures. Yet wish on we do and wish on we shall, hoping against all hope that perhaps one day, just one day that wishes would be traded for the reality we long for.

Maybe that annoying uncle would learn where to draw the line with his embarrassing comments at large family gatherings. Perchance, that wife would realise she’s letting go of herself and turning into a strange woman, far from the one who walked down the aisle. That maybe, just maybe that husband would remember decades have passed since he was 18 and the “reckless teen edition” should have been revised to “responsible husband and dad” years ago. Oh how we wish this or that one would be more polite, louder, quieter, perhaps more accommodating, more patient, less this and more that…the list is endless.

A horse breeder may not always get his dream pedigree but makes the best of what is in his hands. He recognises the strengths but also embraces the weaknesses, learning to manipulate them for his favour. Since wishes are not horses, the dream of a perfect world where all share the same viewpoint is a myth only the most naive would ever fall for. Wishing upon a star for the perfect brother, sister, husband, wife, mother, father or boss may be ingrained in our DNA, to desire something better but if we could read minds, it may turn out the very next person may be wishing you into oblivion.


The greatest test of patience the human race is faced with every waking moment is that we have one world, one planet earth, take Richard Branson and his living in space aspirations out of the equation, all 7 billion of us have to share it. From the beginning of time, one generation after the other, no amount of wishing has miraculously replicated planet earth for the sake of those who just cannot stand him or her. So what shall we say then, if wishes are not horses, and sadly if beggars will never ride, then maybe it is time to stop dreaming and with arms wide open embrace reality.

“I’m starting with the man in the mirror…”

When the longing to “tweak” someone’s behaviour comes along, take a good long look in the mirror and ask yourself, “What can I do to change me?” There’s no denying that there are some of us who feel we have it all “waxed”, but then again, our greatest criticisms about others often stem from our own weaknesses. There may be some who are generally “uncouth”, but perhaps we could try on a different pair of lenses; lenses that are made in the attitude department, where nothing is taken at face value but rather evaluated from somewhere deeper; parabolic lenses that see both ways.

“When others look at you, what will they find?”

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