If only I could do it again, I’d do it differently.

If only I had more money, then I could get out of this horrible community that I live in.

If only I was smarter, my parents would love me like they did my brother.

If only I was prettier then I would have a boyfriend

If only I was part of their family, I’d also be as successful as they are.

If only my circumstances were better, I’d be a lot happier than I am.

I think that most people, if not all of them, have that one ‘if only’ in their lives…well, at least I do. So it’s a case of having a problem or a perceived disadvantage and desiring a resolution that will arguably make our lives complete.

What if Noah didn’t feel like going through the all the effort and mockery of building the ark? What if Abraham insisted that Lot takes the dessert land? What if David got annoyed of being a shepherd? What if God was thinking this guy won’t be able to weather the storm without an ark? What if God was thinking about making a covenant with Abraham and protect him from the rubbish of Sodom & Gomorra? Or what if God was thinking this boy can’t lead His people without being able to lead sheep?

What if yours and my ‘if only’ situation is a stepping stone in the journey to that desired resolution? What if we were to pay attention to that ‘if only’, embrace them and learn from them? What if this ‘if only’ was like the last exam you needed to write in order to graduate successfully? What if ‘if only’ is needed by us in order for God to prepare us for the next big, significant and purposeful thing?

Instead of ‘if only’, let’s do what Jesus did when He said: I see what my Father is doing and I do likewise (John 5:19).

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