I was watching Johnny Bravo the other day, yet another one of my favourite cartoons. The cartoon centres around a tall, blonde, self-obsessed, annoyingly childish, womanizing, young adult who is unemployed, lives with his mom and spends his time eating or trying to hook up with women. It doesn’t sound all too great, yet for some strange reason the entertainment value is just too high and I cannot help but watch it!

Anyway, one of the episodes I watched recently dealt with the topic of purpose. Johnny was, as usual, being an irritation except this time he was causing unbearable amounts of chaos in the lives of his loved ones, so much so, that their reaction led him to wishing he had never been born. Having heard this, an “angel” rocked up out of nowhere to encourage him otherwise. Unfortunately, after looking into the lives of his loved ones without him, it seemed that life was a lot better without him.

Often we have a tendency of thinking exactly like that, except unlike Johnny (who eventually realised his value in the end), the world needs you because the world loves you. It sometimes hard to believe – I’ve been there, I’ve questioned my existence many times before; I have felt exceptionally insignificant; I have wondered how I could possibly matter to the world but I have come to realise that no matter what I think or how I feel… I am an integral part of this life, I fill an important role in the lives of those around me everyday and without me life would be dull, boring and mediocre.

It’s clich├ęd, it’s a little arrogant and it’s been said many times before but it’s true! And it’s true for you too… You were created and placed on this planet for a reason. You have great significance to the lives of those around you, those who know and love you, as well as those who have never met you. There is a reason for your existence and any other reasoning around that is a lie! You are important! You are loved! And you are needed in this world! So no matter how you feel, no matter what is going on in your world, someone out there is very glad that you are alive!!

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