Vines – short, sometimes looped videos of 10 seconds or less in length – are all the rage in the world of social media and online sharing right now and, in Africa, we have our share of amazing ones. When Nigerian track athlete Ejowvokoghene Divine Odururu did a post-race interview with a British journalist, I don’t think he had any idea what he was getting himself into. Little did he know that he would be granting us one of our most popular vines ever. Now, why athletes are interviewed and asked so many questions immediately after a race is beyond me but, after watching Odururu express himself, I think I can live with more of this kind of thing.

It’s Odururu’s response to the question of his emotions after the semi-final race that has made him an African video hottie. He answers with the humble but equally dramatic words, “… I never expected it [or is that ‘experred it’], but God gave it to me”. Indeed, not only did God give Odururu the victory on this day but, along with that package, came internet fame and the status of becoming an overnight sensation. There is more to giggle about and enjoy in the video and it does make for fascinating viewing. One classic line to look out for is Odururu’s personal preview of the final, “The final will be a deadly day… One of us is going to die on the line because I’m ready to run it to the last because I have a black man’s blood in me and African people, we’re born great…”

Well, here’s to Divine Odururu for giving Africa one of its most animated and fun sports interviews ever. If you ask me what I think ¬†of what I felt when I first watched this video, these would be my words to you: I never expected it, but God gave it to me!

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