It’s a man’s world, they say. But is it really? The world has experienced a significant paradigm shift, such that it’s no longer surprising to see a woman become the major breadwinner. The world over, women are taking a stand and taking ownership their lives. Ladies are climbing up the corporate ladder and, in education, they are making greater strides than their male counterparts. It’s become rare to find a woman needing a man to complete her world. Yet, while it’s admirable to see a woman being able to hold her own, it is also startling to see some women take the “I’m independent” mindset way too far especially when you hear statements like “I don’t need a man”.

A few days ago I overheard some shocking declarations from some women who say they don’t need a man in their lives. I was struck by one in particular: “I see a man the way I see a nice pair of shoes or a nice handbag — a complement to my outfit. I’m the full package.”

A lot of women are successful in their careers. They are providing for themselves and are accomplishing what was once accomplished by man only and therefore wonder : what do they need a man for? With the help of technology, even activities which only a man can authentically provide to a woman now have substitutes. So it seems having a man has become like taking on extra luggage a woman can very well do without.

I am a firm believer that every individual, male and female, has a unique purpose in life and can find fulfillment in achieving that purpose. But, at the same time, I believe men were created for a purpose in a woman’s life higher than what women with distorted views of what it means to be independent are reducing them to – sperm donors, as this appears to be the only thing the woman of the 21st century can’t do for herself.

We carry many hurtful experiences from the past, perhaps men we trusted in the past failed us; but this shouldn’t take away from the original plan God had in creating male and female as unique as they are, with very different abilities. There is a value and positive impact a good man can bring into a woman’s life that no sustainable paycheck or degree on the wall or anything in this world can replace. Surely, God in all His greatness, couldn’t have made a strong creature called ‘man’ for him to end up being like an extra item of  some little value comparable to a nice pair of shoes to the delicate person of a woman.

Yes, some men failed; some fathers weren’t there when we needed them. If, as a woman, you found yourself in a position of being in charge of everything early in life because growing up you didn’t know the definition of a good man exemplified, you have no reference of one and you are led to conclude that you don’t need a man in your life, we’d like to introduce you to One Man who never fails. He’s not asking much, just for you to allow yourself to experience His love, His continuous presence, provision and protection wherever you go. The more you know Him the more you will know yourself and realize that we are on earth to live in inter-dependence with others. Click on the banner below and watch the video that comes up, if you wish to experience God’s love in your life and healing from past hurts.