A friend of mine recently asked me, “How can I know if it’s God’s will?” I know I have also had this question many times in my life. Many of us want to know what God’s will is when making decisions in our lives.

Some of the common situations where we need to know what God’s will is:

  • Changing jobs
  • Buying a house
  • Moving cities or countries
  • Entering into a dating relationship
  • Pursuing marriage

Although at times God’s will may seem mystical and unknowable, there is a way that you can know what His will is for you. Of course, you can choose to ignore God’s will for your life and just make your own decisions. In my life, I have found that route to be full of pitfalls and unnecessary mistakes and heartache.

Instead of making your own way, you can know God’s will for your life. He is not an absent or disinterested God. As a loving Father, He longs to be intimately involved in every aspect of your life. God wants to be included in the big decisions as well as the small, everyday things.

So how can you know God’s will?

  1. Pray for wisdom and direction: God does not want you to stumble around life in the dark. Turn to Him in prayer and He will meet you there.
  2. Walk through the open doors: Once you have prayed for God to lead and guide your decision, look for open doors. For example, if you are contemplating changing jobs and you get an interview at another company, you can take that as an open door. Walk through it until it closes. If the opportunity is no longer available, you can take that as a closed door.
  3. Let God’s peace guide you: Here’s an awesome verse from the Bible found in Colossians 3:15, “And let the peace that comes from Christ rule in your hearts...” Did you know that the word “rule” in this verse actually means umpire? Just like an umpire who makes decisions in a rugby match or a game of cricket. The peace of God can help you in making decisions in your own life. If you are deciding whether to enter into a dating relationship for instance, if you have peace about it (an inner calm in your soul), then you can take that as a sign from God to go ahead. On the other hand, if the decision causes you anxiety and turmoil, you can take that as sign from God to not go in that direction.

I sincerely hope that this has helped you today!

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