Have you ever spoken to God in prayer? You probably have more than once. Well have you ever wanted Him to answer you or speak back? The good news is that God does speak to us and we can hear His voice. You can know how to hear God’s voice for yourself.

TuningĀ in is key

You can liken God’s voice to a radio frequency. The radio station is always broadcasting. However, in order to hear what’s playing on the radio, you have to tune in to their frequency. It’s the same with God. We have to learn how to tune in to God’s frequency so we can hear what He is saying.

Position yourself

The key to being able to tune in to God, is to position yourself to hear from Him. Quieting your thoughts and removing distractions is a great place to start. Here are some tips that I use personally:

  • Pray and ask God to speak to you. Ask Him specific questions.
  • Open your Bible and begin reading where you last left off. Quiet your thoughts and be open to what you are reading. As you read, pay attention to any verses that may stand out for you and write those down.
  • Use a journal to write down your prayer. Record the verses that stood out for you. Summarize the main thought of the verses in your own words. Reflect on what those verses mean in your life and how they may apply to your current situation.
Be patient

Don’t get disheartened or discouraged if you don’t get an immediate answer. One way God speaks to us is through the Bible but it’s not the only way you can hear His voice. The Bible says that the Holy Spirit is a still, small voice that teaches us. As you go about your day, be open to any impressions that God may put on your heart in regards to your situation. That still, small whisper in your heart is very often the Holy Spirit leading and guiding you. God can also speak to you through a song or a sign board so pay attention.

The Bible says that if we seek God, we will find Him if we seek Him with all our heart. Keep praying and seeking God. He is faithful to answer you because He loves you and you are His treasured child.

I hope that you will join in my heart’s cry which is, “Speak Lord, I’m listening”.

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