This time of year sees many people visiting churches. It can be difficult to find a great church you can call home. And sometimes it can be even more difficult to stay there. But today’s post is all about how to find a great church home.

I find being part of a church is much like being in a relationship. At first, everything is awesome. You just love everything about it. The worship leader is so anointed, the messages are inspiring and everyone is so friendly.

But after some time passes, things begin to change. Suddenly the worship leader irritates you, you’re not getting as much out of the preaching anymore and someone took your parking spot. The church that once brought you so much joy is now a source of contention. So what do you do? Find another church of course, and start all over again.

Sounds a bit like dating, doesn’t it? That’s why so many Christians are doing the “church hop” these days. When people begin to feel unhappy in a church, I’m not so sure it’s always the church that has changed. I think familiarity can creep in. What we used to love about the church has now become common place to us and we begin to see the flaws. And every church will have flaws because it is made of people like you and me.

Although there is no perfect church, I do believe it is possible to find a great church home.

How to find one?

  • The vision must move you – don’t join a church because of people. Join because you believe in and want to be a part of its vision.
  • Jesus must be at the center – don’t join a church where people worship the pastor. Join a church where Jesus is worshipped and exalted.
  • You must be inspired to get involved – Churches are not built on the gifts and talents of a few individuals. Instead, they are built on the sacrifice of many. Find a church that inspires you to get involved in serving. Spectating and attending is for sports games.  Serving and being involved is what makes churches great.

Check back soon for part 2 of this blog – How to stay in a great church.

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