I bet you’re thinking “how on earth can I take lessons from a cow, and how could a cow possibly change my life?”  Let me explain – it’s pretty awesome!

Life is busy, and it’s easy to get caught in the rush, and forget the important things in life.

Have you ever taken time to observe a cow as it goes about its meal? It’s quite funny actually!  Because the cow’s eyes are on the side of the face, it can’t exactly see straight ahead and be certain of what it’s eating.  So, after it’s eaten enough, it will find a comfy spot to lay down in, and there it will begin regurgitating the cud. The cow then chews larger pieces of grass that were not fine enough to start off with and will also separate the  good, wholesome grass from the harmful sticks, stones, chocolate wrappers, or anything else that it may have collected during the eating process. It simply spits out the bad, and swallows the good.

We are exposed to so many opinions, expressions and criticisms which influence how we think and how we do things.  They shape and mold our personal perceptions and opinions, our self-esteem; even our very nature gets affected.

Like the cow, I take time out every now and then to chew on all the things I’ve “taken in”, and separate the harmful stuff from the good and wholesome.  The Bible says it’s not what goes into a man’s mouth that makes him unclean, but what comes out.  Whatever conversations, media, interactions and sensory stimuli I allow to take root in my heart will no doubt begin spewing forth from my mouth.

If I’m consuming a constant dose of violence, guess what? I’ll eventually adopt an angry nature. If I’m engaging in negative conversation day in and day out, so too I’ll become negative – and that negativity will affect my attitude and my approach toward life and will affect everything I do.  It doesn’t stop there, I will begin influencing other people and will begin dragging them down with me to the negative side of life.

These are just a few practical examples of how bad seed begins to grow and cause damage to our lives.

So, wherever you find yourself today, know that you always have the power of choice when it comes to what you take in, and how you allow it to affect who you are and who you will become!

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