Do you get along with your parents? Navigating your relationship with your parents when you are an adult can be tricky. Honouring your parents can become more difficult as you start living your own life. Here’s some tips on keeping your relationship great.

What does it mean to honour my parents?

When we were children living at home, honouring our parents meant that we did what we were told even if we didn’t agree with it. It meant that we loved our parents and submitted to their authority. But what does honouring your parents look like when you are an adult, living your own life?

Respect does not mean agreement

As an adult, you can respect your parents without agreeing with them. Your parents may not approve of a decision you are making and that is okay. You are not required to obey your parents every wish the way you were when you were a child. You can still respect your parents and love them, but ultimately, your decisions are yours to make.

Honouring your parents as an adult means that you love and respect them. You love them with all their faults and annoyances (just as they love you with all yours) and you think of them and consider their feelings and beliefs as you navigate your own life.

The Bible says that if you honor your father and mother, things will go well for you, and you will have a long life on the earth (Ephesians 6:3). That’s a pretty cool promise from God!

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