Have you ever been left out of a meeting at work? Have you ever felt like you have something to offer, but nobody cares? I think sometimes our environments can be harsh and don’t always bring out the best in us. I guess from a very young age, there has always been this competitive drive in us, a pressure to be the best, to be first, to be selected, to be chosen.

I think deep within us all is a longing to belong. What about you? Maybe it’s always someone else getting the break, getting the opportunity. Maybe you feel overlooked because you don’t feel like you have anything to contribute. Maybe you are surrounded by people more mature than you, with more wisdom than you, with more experience than you and the pressure is on to prove that you can do it.

Wherever you find yourself today, I want to remind you that regardless of what has happened, how excluded you may have felt or how overlooked you may feel, there is a God in Heaven who loves you just as you are and has chosen you for a great purpose. In our culture, we have to prove ourselves to be chosen, we have to apply for a job or to study, we have to show what we can do and what we have done but I love that God doesn’t think like we think or like the world thinks. He has chosen you not for what you can do for Him but because of what He knows He can do through you.

I believe we can rise above the comparison game and rest in the fact that our Creator has chosen us. And we don’t have to prove anything to Him, all we have to do is trust in Him and get to know His plan for our lives. You see it is no accident where you work, where you live or where you study. God has great plans for humanity and He has planted you right where you are to make a difference in the lives of those around you. As you discover His great plan for you, you in turn can live that out to uplift, encourage and bring out the best in those you were sent to reach. My prayer is that you would have the courage today to live chosen!

Here’s a few things to remember as you live this out:

  1. When you feel pressure to perform, remember that God has planned great days for you before you were even born. He has chosen to use you, not because of who you are but because of who He can be through you!
  2.  When you feel weak, inadequate, like you can’t do it, remember that God sees you today and He longs to strengthen your heart.
  3. When you can’t fathom how or why God would use you, I want you to remember that you are chosen, not because of what you can offer God, but simply because of His great love for you.

God’s not interested in what you can do for Him, but what He can do through you to see our lives grow, our families serving God and our city turned right side up. So chin up, you are awesome, you are loved and you are chosen!

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