The world today presents us with so many opportunities. We are told: “if you can go to school, find what you’re passionate about, set some goals, draw a plan on how to achieve them and be courageous, disciplined and work hard, it’ll just be a matter of time before your life flourishes and you become successful”. Sometimes we even think if we could just be ‘good people’ who don’t get in trouble with the law, do our bit for the community, give to the poor and go to church on Sundays, life will probably just throw flowers at us in return.

We get caught up in thinking that we have our lives in our own hands and that we can control life. It’s just a matter of tweaking things this way or that way and we will have just the future we desire. But I’m sure many will agree that life doesn’t always follow our script. It has loads of surprises for us. Maybe for you, things are going as planned and you don’t seem to have any reason to feel they could possibly go any other way. But I’ve had my share of experiences and have woken up to one too many bits of devastating news that remind me that life is truly just a ‘vapor’. No one knows when and how they will leave this earth. So while we’re here, why not make the most of it and leave a positive impact when we’re gone?

I’d like to challenge you to live each day with a purpose, make your light shine today because you might just be a few minutes, hours or days away from your last breath! The question is: what are you going to do about it?