I recently realised that my “Maps” app on my phone had an update. I put in the address of the destination I needed directions to and I was surprised to see that the app appeared to take me the long way around, yet it was the shortest route.

The improvement in the map was that it factored in traffic at the time of my drive and although my usual route would normally be quicker, because of traffic congestion, the longer road would get me to my destination quicker and with much less stress.

That’s when it hit me. Google maps just showed me something so profound about how God works with us. Google maps revealed God to me!

You see many of us are going about our everyday lives, studying, working, raising families, and we have found ourselves settled into a comfortable way of doing life. We know where to go, what to do and what to expect. We have gotten pretty good at steering our own ship and making our own way in life.

But living that way causes us to miss out on the fact that God longs to be actively involved in our everyday lives.

Just like the Google maps app had the ability to see beyond what I could, God has the ability to see far beyond what we can. The Bible says that He knows the beginning and the end of every detail of our lives.

It would have been foolish of me to ignore the suggestions from Google maps and insist on going my own way. I would’ve found myself gridlocked in traffic, frustrated and late for my appointment.

So what can we learn from this?

  • Check in frequently with God’s instructions (the Bible) to find out which way to go. God promises to use the Bible in our lives to lead us in which way we should go and how we should live our lives.
  • Trust that He knows best. Many of us stubbornly follow our own way and then we get frustrated with life and end up blaming God for where we find ourselves. Let’s instead trust Him that He knows best, follow His directions in our lives, and live out the good plans He has in store for us.

If you’ve insisted on going your own way and found yourself gridlocked in the worries of life, frustrated and questioning God, you are not alone! Click on the link below or the pop up window to find out how you can surrender to God and begin following His way for your life.

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