Have you ever felt like you are not getting the recognition you deserve? You keeping going the extra mile, doing the most in your area of expertise but regardless of all of this, you feel like the only person that sees you is: yourself.

The need to be recognised is a condition that all humans experience. There is always a time in our lives where we just want people to notice what we are doing and give us that well deserved pat on the back. Whether it is in our workplace, our church, our home or even our friendship group; recognition is something we all crave at some point. Why is this? Why do we so badly want the approval of other people (who are equally as flawed as we are) when we have already gained the ultimate approval from God.

We are all human

Each and every one of us is doing this journey called life. Therefore, you do not need to look to someone else to validate what you are doing. You recognise what you are doing for yourself and you stick with it. Only when you recognise your own efforts will you fully stop looking to other people for confirmation.

We are all flawed

Not a single one of us was made perfect. Because we were all made human, we are all flawed in some way. We all make mistakes and hopefully learn from them and grow. If we are constantly looking over our shoulder to see who recognises what we do, then we will eventually forget what our path forward looks like because of constant looking around at what everyone else thinks. Focus on your path, and stay it.

We are all seen

Many times we will go into that morning meeting at work, having done so much the day before and our boss will still find fault in everything we present to them. That is a part of life. However, does this mean no one sees what we are presenting? No! Our boss might not see our effort at work, your mom might not see your effort at school but God sees your effort in Heaven.

So next time you feel unappreciated, just remember that you do not need to do anything for the approval or the recognition of others because you have a Father in Heaven who has seen all your efforts. He will provide you with favour that is far more sufficient than any reward on earth.