We all have times when we feel we have no options, especially in today’s economy. Maybe we’re in a job crisis and we feel there is just no way out. Sometimes we don’t even have a job, money is rapidly running out, and we’re beginning to feel despair. Or maybe you are a student with a 55 average going into a final exam in a course you must have to graduate. Sometimes it’s in a marriage that seems hopeless. There are many possible scenarios, but they all have this in common: It seems like we’ve run out of options, and we don’t know what to do. We feel trapped in a hopeless situation with no possible way out.

We can learn how to face these crises by remembering the children of Israel. They faced a stormy sea to the front and Egyptian soldiers to the rear. Talk about having no options…they truly had no way out! But, if you’ll remember, God led them from desperation to complete victory. Realize that the same God who parted the Red Sea is standing beside you whenever you think you’re out of options. There is no lasting defeat for children of God; He always gives us the option of allowing Him to lead us, teach us, and build our faith.

If He parted the Red Sea for the people of faith, then through faith, no situation is hopeless. Ever.


Content courtesy of www.rightfromtheheart.org