I knew I should have bought those shoes last week!

Maybe I shouldn’t have spoke to them that way!

I should have treated them better!

I should have gone for that interview!

I should have told the truth when I had the chance.

I should have told loved ones how much they meant to me more often.

Regrets look different for everyone. Someone may mull over a pair of shoes that they should have bought, whilst another sits with the guilt of doing something that they shouldn’t have, or a missed opportunity and moment that could have been.

When we live with regret:

  • We keep living in a state of what if.
  • We never move forward.
  • We are not present.
  • We are unable to embrace where we are.
  • We can’t grow if we are always looking back.
  • We can’t see the way ahead if we are living in the past.

Sometimes regrets can teach us a thing or two:

  • We learn what not to do next time.
  • We learn to appreciate others more.
  • We learn to take bold risks.
  • We learn to be a bit more present and embrace the throws of life!
  • We learn to make the most of the situation and season we find ourselves in.

Why the regret?

  • Fearing the possibility of failing.
  • Worrying about what others will think of you.
  • Not caring enough for others and loved ones.
  • The fear of trying something new.
  • Lack of confidence in oneself.

Moving from regret:

  • Sometimes we need to look at whatever is causing the regret and ask ourselves if we can practically fix/resolve the situation so that we can move forward from it.
  • We need to let go of regret, and not let it control us.
  • We need to embrace what was, and look to what could be.
  • We need to also make peace with things that are out of our control.
  • We need to try new things without fearing the “what ifs”.

God gives us life to the full – it even says so in the Bible. Yet, we think we are underserving of it. I remember there was a season in my life where I sat with major guilt and condemnation and I sat with a whole lot of regret. I didn’t even realise that it had such a powerful hold over me. It would literally consume me and influence my day-to-day decision making, and it wasn’t adding any joy in my life.

That was the case until I understood who God was, and how He loves me (and you) unconditionally! When I took the time to intentionally get to know Him, I found His constant truth speak into my life, which helped me to let go of things that I could not change. It helped me to look at my future without fearing the “what ifs”. And let me just tell you that it’s one of the most freeing spaces to be in!

Do not let regret consume you, or negatively influence your day-to-day living. Your best days lay before you!

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