I recently spent some time with a friend who has a small child. The child was wanting to go play outside but it was muddy. My friend didn’t want her child getting all dirty so we found an indoor game to play.

This sparked a thought in my mind. How often do we play it safe and avoid adventure because we don’t want to get dirty? Could that hold us back from living life to its fullest?

When we hold back, what are we actually afraid of? So what if this child got a bit dirty and muddy? Can clothes not be washed? Can the dirt not be rinsed off? I can just imagine this cute little child diving head first into the mud and having the time of their life.

So often we hold back because we don’t want to get dirty. Here’s some areas that are affected.

We hold back in love

We hold our emotions in because we are afraid of getting muddy and dirty in love. We try to play it safe because we are afraid of getting hurt.

We hold back in our careers

We hold back and don’t go for promotions because we are scared of getting shot down. We don’t think we have what it takes so we play it safe by sticking to what we know.

Let’s get adventurous! Let’s live and love each day to the fullest by getting out there and getting dirty. Even if we make a mess of things, it’s easier enough to rinse off the dirt and try again. Don’t hold back anymore. Take a risk, take a chance. You may just find yourself having the time of your life.

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