Angry SA Crime Police

Get Angry


Through all the news coverage and more and more explicit movies being released nowadays, we’ve become numb as a society. We are bombarded with death and rape and gang violence on a daily basis. Just driving around, listening to radio or watching television you cannot help but notice all the negative news around you.

It’s everywhere, it’s all around us, and we’ve become hardened to it. The constant bombardment has numbed us down and made us almost immune to the atrocities that happen around us. Many of us have come to a point where we just take violence in our stride. Reading about a girl being raped or someone being murdered evokes about as much emotion as reading the review of the newest gadget or latest movie.

The Three Little Pigs short film, the latest in our series based around fairy tales, is a story portraying bad decisions, alcohol abuse and domestic violence. It juxtaposes the story of the three little pigs with real life and reminds us how violent and unfair life can sometimes be. In a way, it’s a call to get angry again!


3 Little Pigs


Contrary to popular belief, Jesus also got angry. He got angry at people taking the temple of God for granted, for just going with it and getting familiar with God. It is a good thing when righteous anger gets ignited in our hearts again for things which anger God.

Stop going with the flow. Stop, turn around and take a stand. Get angry, get emotional and get passionate for God’s creation again. Every single life is special and precious. God called us to be a compassionate people, caring for those around us.Get angry about woman being violated, about life being trampled upon. Get angry about people not having enough and not having the resources to do anything about it. Stop the numbness and do something about it.

Get angry!

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