I love that sport has the power to bring a nation together; it gives people an opportunity to put their differences aside and stand in unity. One sport perhaps does this more so than others. The sport I’m referring to is soccer, or football as some call it, has the largest following globally, estimated at a massive 3.5 billion supporters. That means that there are more soccer fans worldwide than there are people in Africa!

What I’ve come to realise though, is that soccer is a lot like how Christianity should be. I know that might seem like a bit of a wayward statement, but let me explain myself a bit. Soccer brings nations together, people unite behind their favourite team, and they lift their voices, sing praises and fight for their team. Have you ever come in-between a soccer fan in the middle of his team’s game?  If not, let’s just say you might end up seeing the inside of a hospital for a while. People are so passionate about soccer that they would do anything for their team.

This makes me think, if people can be so passionate about a sport that is purely there for entertainment, why can’t they be just as passionate about the God that made them?

I am by no means knocking soccer or saying that it is bad or evil, what I am trying to say is that as Christians we could learn a few things about having passion for what we believe in.

The crazy thing is that soccer is a sport played by, you guessed it, humans. And as humans we were all created by and for God. So it’s amazing that we can have so much passion and support for something, yet we can’t seem to have the same passion for the God that made it.

Jesus places passions, gifts and desires in all of us, we all have things we enjoy doing, but it’s important to never lose your passion for the One who has given us these gifts.

So here’s my challenge, make an effort to get to know more about God. As you learn more about him and his character, you will find that your passion for him will grow. Let’s become the type of people who aren’t embarrassed or ashamed by what we believe, but rather seek to find more opportunities to share our passion for him.

Let’s show God the passion that he deserves. Soccer players and teams will come and go, but God is everlasting and unchangeable.

If you still don’t get the connection between soccer and christianity, check this video out.



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