“Why not try follow curiosity with its humble round about magic. At the very least your curiosity may surprise you. At the very least it may have led you safely home.” – Elizabeth Gilbert

I’m convinced my alter ego is Curious George. If you don’t know who he is, here’s a link http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0381971/. George is a monkey who is very enthusiastic and very inquisitive. As a result of this he often finds himself in the strangest set of predicaments, requiring a minor adventure to bail him out.

I would not be lying if I told you I have tried at least 10 different career paths. 10 is the kind number, and the reality may be more – but let’s try not to think to hard on that. You see, I’m like George. My curiosity always gets the better of me. I’m just so interested I can’t not try something.

After I left school I taught English to second language speakers and travelled the world. I ran summer camps – it was a lot of fun but at the end I figured out I didn’t enjoy big groups of rowdy children and I was better suited to smaller classes or adult pupils.

I then worked as a Course Assistant in an office in London. It was a completely new experience for me, I hated it and I was bored witless. I didn’t even finish the contract.

I went on to study at Bible College two years later and completed a year in Leadership Studies. I learned a lot and I really enjoyed the academic side of the experience. Who knew we had a little intellectual on our hands?

2 years ago I started my own blog (check out my bio). I didn’t know where it would end, I simply took the advice in the quote above and followed my curiosity. I have always been compelled to write. I’ve loved the written word and deep thought with a passion which outweighed the many other things which have cropped up in my world. It was a small step, a curious step and it turns out an important step.

My blog has grown in leaps and bounds. I’ve published my first small Ebook and I’m on the way to creating a writing course which will link to it. I have people from all over the world following me and I’ve found something that I absolutely love doing.

As a result of my success here the company which I work with, a digital agency has asked me to lead a content division for them. Following my curiosity and listening to the small spark inside me which said “try this” has paid off and I don’t regret it a moment.

I love hearing the stories of people who have found a way to make a living out of doing something they love.

One of my friends has started her own yoga movements to raise funds for disabled kids. She killing it. She has people asking her to post about and wear their clothes. She holds events where you can buy a ticket and the proceeds will go to a cause. She’s doing well, she loves it and I can’t imagine her doing anything else.

One of my other friends is a passionate Chef. In his free time he is always cooking for someone, or anyone really. His meals have become infamous and he is opening his first “Pop-up Store”.

Is there something you are dreaming of pursuing? Many times our lives are so full of responsibility, obligation and what you THINK you want – you can’t hear the little spark of true interest which is peaking it’s head out saying, listen.

My dream for you would be this:

Trust the small voice inside you

Go for what interests you

Think about your situation – are you choosing success over happiness and is it REALLY worth it?

There are many diverse ways to earn an income, don’t get stuck in a rut and ignore the potential. Push open the doors, explore and you never know where you may find yourself in the end.

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