One of the challenges often faced when life throws curve balls at us is the feeling of inadequacy.

Feeling I’m not good enough , I made wrong choices or perhaps I’m … a failure, are feelings I have had to fight hard to shake off when days are blue, and simply remind myself that it is a part of life to hurt, and no one is immune to that.

How do you deal with feelings of inadequacy?

First of all, remind yourself that there is no amount of preparation, hard work , good behavior that can exempt you from days where things get out of your control and you feel helpless.

If it was possible to succeed at life without encountering any bumps and setbacks, life would be a fairy tale. But whenever I read a book, an article or hear the story of a successful person, there has always been a season of pain, uncertainty or failure that they had to overcome. Even in movies, every good filmmaker knows that no story is great without a plot where there is adversity to overcome.

So the place to begin, if you are going through turmoil with your health, in your finances, at work or in your relationships is to get your thoughts in perspective. This is highly important because your thoughts will determine your attitude and your actions.

One phenomenal French speaker , Yvan Castanou once said, no thought that we allow in our head goes to waste. Every thought plays an active role in who we turn out to be.
Though things are not the way you expected them be right now, never entertain thoughts that say you are a failure, because you are not ! Thinking this way will have a negative toll on your attitude, energy and productivity.

Guard your mind with jealousy, let nothing come between you and  your dream to sit in parliament, to build the next global media center or whatever your dream is.
Be brave enough to admit you have made a mistake when you make one, and learn from it. But when it comes to the picture you have of yourself, keep it clean, strong and let no difficulty of life taint it.

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