In a few days time (less than a week, to be exact), it will be Father’s Day 2015. That day, like any other, will come and go. Gifts may or may not be exchanged, moments with fathers may or may not be shared. Depending on who we are and how we grew up, we all have different memories and ideas of fathers. Some of us may have had the opportunity to be loved by them, encouraged by them and protected by them. Others of us were abused by them, neglected by them and we may not even have had a chance to know them or see them.

Whatever the experiences were, it does not change the fact that a father or father figure is one of the most important things in a person’s life. A father, whether he does his job excellently or poorly, shapes so much of what his child becomes in life. As we see in this video from yesHEis Africa in partnership with Joy Magazine, it doesn’t matter how young or old you are:

As we see from this moving video, all hope is not lost for us if it happened that we had a bad or nonexistent relationship with a biological father. There is a Father who is there and wants to be there for us if we will allow Him the space in our hearts. He has the capacity and will to mend our broken hearts if our physical Dads messed them up. If we are fathers and want to learn how to do the job right, He is the perfect role model.

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