No matter how you feel about it, admin is something you cannot avoid. Aside from a select few, most of us would rather watch paint dry or scratch blackboards than sit in front of a whole lot of data and try make sense of it. So what is the big secret? Why do some people relish the thought of punching in numbers? Could I actually learn to enjoy it too?

I have tried various ways to improve the logistical nightmare – with varying levels of success. From setting up a rewards system through to speed trials, I have found that the best way to approach admin is more subtle than expected. Here’s what has helped me:

Big Picture First

Before tackling the task, make sure you know why you are doing it. And the reason should be a positive one.

For example – You need to pay your bills

Why You Dread It – You fear lack, you don’t want to feel dependent or tied down by your spending, there is pressure to pay

If you focus on why you dread budgeting, you will hate it. So how can you make it a positive experience?

Set the big picture FIRST. Start building a vision of what you want your future life to be. Think about owning your own property, buying your dream car or going on an awesome holiday. All of these things are possible for everyone. You might be very far off from any of these realities, but believing that you can build your future will release you from the stress of your present situation.

Reason To Do It – You’re going to own a house one day

You might not be able to save this month, but you can still plan to save in the future. All of a sudden admin becomes a way to build your future. Doing what you can right now is just practice for what you will be working with in the future.

Admin is a tool – not a restriction.

It may feel like it, but admin is not a list of boxes to tick. Even backlog is actually constructive – dealing with it gives you a firm footing for your next step. Admin is the frame that helps you build your future.

Are you finding it hard to stay hopeful? Is it hard to see beyond your current deadline at work, or an issue at home? Avoidance and escapism is sometimes the only other option you have when you don’t want to deal with your situation. It is hard, but there is definitely hope for your future. If you want to find out how to grow your perspective, click on the link below.

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