We all have goals and ambitions. If we all reached everything we have dreamed about, the world would be a remarkable place! But we can so easily get caught up between inspiration and action. Here are a few constructive ways (in order) to do something with your dreams.

1. Be outrageous

‘Dream big’ has become a tired old slogan that gets tossed at school kids very often these days. But the heart of the message is still very important! You can only go as far as you can envision. If your life’s goal was to buy a car, you could win one tomorrow. What would be next? It is our responsibility to ourselves to make sure that our vision is always bigger than what we could gain.

2. Write it down

Could seem too simple, but this is an extremely powerful step. Making what you ‘see’ in your mind visible for yourself and others is what turns a dream into a destiny. The reality may only be on paper, but it now exists outside of yourself. Seven years ago, Chris Pratt jokingly recorded a ‘behind the scenes’ video for Parks and Recreation, mentioning Steven Spielberg and playing in Jurassic Park 4. As most of you will know, he played the lead in the recent Jurassic World film. It may have been outrageous then, but getting it out of your mind’s eye is a tangible step in the right direction.

3. Be realistic

Before you can fly, you need to position yourself on the runway. Trying to take off from the halfway point is only going to result in a crash-landing. You need to start preparing for your dreams, otherwise you will miss the opportunities you need to get ‘off the ground’. Are you heading in the right direction? What elements of your future can you work on now? Gaining experience is normally more important than using it. Don’t look at your limitations right now as frustrating barriers. They are actually the runway for your dreams!

4. Keep the question mark

This may seem strange, but I believe that you can never be 100% sure that you will reach your exact goal down to the last detail. There will always be unknown factors – both positive and negative – that will adjust what the final outcome will be. So keep the question mark behind your dream. Don’t think that an opportunity is not for you just because it doesn’t fit in with your five-year plan. Stay open to your dream changing, but alway remain determined to work towards your dream. You cannot steer a stationary vehicle. Chase after your goals and if you need to adjust your direction, it won’t be too much of an issue.

In the end, I have been told by many, it is not about reaching your dreams as much as it is about who you become while going after them. I believe the reason there is a process and a whole lot of time between where we are now and where we want to be, is because we need the character to handle the absolutely amazing things that lie in our future. If things get tough, you’re probably growing.

It is always great having others on the journey to encourage and advise you. No one knows your hopes and dreams better than God himself. He cares about the desires in your heart. If you want to find out more about getting to know him, click the link below.

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