When I was in primary school, I stumbled upon an amazing poem – it carried me through many tough seasons throughout my life.  It served as a constant reminder that days will get dark, life will get difficult, things won’t always go according to your plan; but in those though times the secret is to never quit, DON’T QUIT!




I admire people who have the courage to keep getting up when they fall down.   Think of all the scientific breakthroughs we’ve experienced over the past 100 years.  Now imagine if those scientists quit after the first few failed attempts?  Imagine how limited our medicine would be if chemists and scientists never perused ideas and concepts…

So, who are you?  And what hopes and dreams  do you carry in your heart?  Will you quit after the first attempt, or will you get up again and try harder, try smarter?  What about that bad habit you’re trying to kick, are you just going to give in the next time temptation comes along, or will you try even harder?

If you fall, the only thing to do is to get up, and try again. Whatever you do, don’t quit!

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