Do you control your phone or does your phone control you? How would you know if your phone does control you?

I recently went to dinner with my family and a lovely family consisting of a mom and four girls sat down at the table behind us. All four of the girls proceeded to take out their phones and remained glued to them the entire time. They took a break only when their food arrived and as soon as they had finished eating, they were on their phones again. I was so saddened to see this. Here is a lovely family who spent an entire evening talking to people who weren’t in the room while ignoring those who were in front of them.

Here’s some ways you can tell that your phone controls you:

You panic if you don’t have it on you

If you go into a state of panic when your phone isn’t on you, it may be controlling you. Of course we want to be responsible and know where our belongings are but it shouldn’t bring anxiety and panic if we leave it at home by accident.

You feel compelled to document every happening in your life

I often feel like I am too busy enjoying life to take a photo of me enjoying it. Now I am all for posting pictures and events on social media but I certainly don’t feel compelled to let the world know what I had for lunch or who I went to the beach with.

You are scared of missing out

How many times a day do you check your phone? Once an hour or every five minutes? Are you scared you are going to miss something? If you find yourself picking up your phone every five minutes, try to put it away for an hour. You will be surprised how rewarding real life human conversations can be without your phone.


Life is short and the Bible says that we are not promised tomorrow. Take control of your phone and don’t let it control you.

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