Social media has the power to inspire, encourage, and equip us whilst keeping us connected and socially “in the know”. Yet, there are times where social media sneakily starts to consume us and without realizing it we let it influence our thoughts, feelings and actions.

I think a great way to become self-aware, is to practice having quick pause moments where you quickly do an internal check with your heart and mind and quickly assess where you’re at. While you are on social media, or when you are finished being online, pause for a moment and take note if social media is negatively or positively influencing you. 


  • When we start to assume and speculate more than we should.
  • When we read into things that aren’t necessarily there.
  • When we start to negatively discuss (or gossip) about what we see online.
  • When we start to compare or compete with others online.
  • After all the competing and comparing, we end up feeling down in spirit, insecure, jealous, and we may even start resenting others online.


Whenever I feel insecure and lacking confidence due to comparing myself to others online I know it’s because I have forgotten who I am, and who I have been called to be. If I feel down in spirit after being on social media, then I know that I have made social media an idol in my life. When I get to that negative head and heart space, then I know it’s time to have an online detox, and to get fresh  heavenly perspective from God.

Social media, along with the followers, likers, haters and random strangers can not affirm our character, or sense of self-worth. Our hope and confidence comes from being in a personal relationship with God. When we become familiar with his character and with his promises, we soon become confident of who we are. I don’t know about you, but I would rather let my personal relationship with God influence me, as opposed to social media.

Let God shape your character, not man.

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