Senior African American woman (60s) in swimming pool, laughing.

I love Peter Pan!  As a child I watched the animation movies over and over, and as a young adult, I too enjoyed the live action movies.  I love the idea of remaining young, but not in the sense of remaining a child forever, but young at heart.  I have a few friends who are my age and younger, and let me tell you, they act 10 years older than they are; it seems as if they simply grew up too quickly or had to act old and mature before their time.

Now look, I’m all for maturity and wisdom, but people please, there is no need to ‘age your heart’ ahead of time, it just isn’t right!

My dad is 72 years old, and believe you me, he still acts like a kid, yet has the maturity to make wise decisions and act responsibly.  I love this about him, the fact that he enjoys every moment of his life and brings a smile to everyone’s face – isn’t that what life should be about?  Making other people’s life better, even if it just encourages a smile…

Naturally some people are more serious than others and won’t act young and free, but we all have the power of choice, and we can choose to have fun. By fun I mean just relaxing the shoulders, lower the defenses and walls surrounding our hearts, and allowing people in.

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