Well, the answer to this question would be a definitive “yes”. The right to ‘choose’ is something we are all born with.  In life we have the choice to do whatever we feel like; whether it be right or wrong.

Choice is a funny thing though and often we’ll make decisions without thinking about the consequences. You might not think it, but the choices we make have great power in our lives. In fact, our choices even have the power to give life or bring death and will ultimately form who we are.

So who are you?

Perhaps it’s worth taking a step back and having a look at your life. Are you happy with the person you are and the choices you have made? If not, don’t panic, it’s not too late. YOU have the power to change; all you have to do is make a CHOICE.

I set before you life and death, now choose life – Deuteronomy 30:19

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