“Click here for an instant 1 000 followers on Instagram”. Have you ever seen this posted on social media? Whether it’s Facebook, Twitterm, or Instagram, it seems everyone is obsessed with how to get more followers. Does the amount of followers you have on social media matter?

Check this out! As of March 2016, here are the top five most followed Instagram accounts:

  • Instagram has 144,125 million followers
  • Selena Gomez has 69,26 million followers
  • Taylor Swift has 69,13 million followers
  • Kim Kardashian has 63,56 million followers
  • Ariana Grande has 63,08 million followers

Here are some ideas and thoughts floating around cyberland:

  1. Your popularity is measured by how many followers or friends you have on social media.
  2. People with lots of followers are happy and important.
  3. You have to post certain things so that more people will notice you on social media.

What a load of rubbish!

I am sorry, but I know social media has its place and purpose and can be helpful in marketing and networking. But since when did it get to dictate our self-worth to us? Since when does it get to dictate to us what is important and what isn’t? Since when does social media get to tell us what we should post and what we shouldn’t?

I guess the reason I am so fired up about this topic is because I recently took a little break from social media. Why, you might ask? Well, honestly? It was consuming way too much of my time. It was making me self-conscious about what I was posting. I was analysing likes and comments and shares and it was starting to drive me a little crazy. Guess what I discovered when I took a break?

I had a lot more time on my hands.

I was able to read books and magazines.

I found myself actually talking to people instead of staring at my phone.

I felt free, as if an invisible chain had been broken between my hand and my phone. It was quite exhilarating!

Whatever your social media preference is or for whatever reason you use it, that is totally up to you. I am simply sharing some of my views and frustration on the matter. Take a minute to evaluate what you use social media for and how it makes you feel. If you discover it’s having an impact on your self-worth, I pray you can honestly address that and realise that nothing and no-one gets to tell you how important, awesome, or popular you are or aren’t. Nothing has the power to do that, except the power we give it.

Remember, your number of followers does not make you better than anyone else. Hitler had millions, Jesus had 12. How many do they both have now? Just something to think about!

Real self-worth is only found in a relationship with Jesus Christ. To find out more about this for yourself, click on the link below.