Recently I’ve travelled from one city to another to visit family. In order to do so, I needed to get on a two-hour flight. The only problem was I have a fear of flying.

Crazy thoughts ran through my head as I waited to board the plane. Thoughts like:

“What if the plane crashes and I never get to see my family again?”

“What happens if we hit turbulence?”

“I’m not ready to leave this earth yet!!!”

I remember putting my earphones in my ears and switching on the music. I would do anything just to calm my anxiety. Then it hit me, that even though God had promised me a safe fight, I wasn’t trusting Him to be true to His word.

Distance and time was the only thing keeping me from seeing my family.  It was also the two things that taught me the most about myself and my faith in God.

Here are somethings that distance and time has taught me over my short flight to my family.

God is always faithful.

Even though I struggled during my time on the plane, I had a safe flight going to and from the city. God was there constantly reminding me that everything will be just fine.

He was my reassurance that no matter what happened He was not yet done with me and that He was in control. There were times on the flight that my anxiety flared, but God was my constant reassurance that all would be well.

Even though my faith was shaken, God was still faithful. He proves to be faithful till the end of every journey.

God is not just a God for the struggle.

I’ll never forget that faint voice that said: “I am with you always”  once I arrived safely at my destination. It was my reminder that He was with me through the good times and the bad. His intention is not only to be my God when I struggled, but also to be my God when I am doing well.

My struggle was real, but even more so my God was real and I needed to trust Him through every situation.

God is a God of distance and time.

God might take you on a journey, but I believe that in His time that He wants to teach you something. Time is God’s friend, it’s where He gets to teach us how to rely and trust on Him.

I believe that sometimes He needs to distance us from our comfort zones in order for us to learn. It’s not to punish us, but to get us to trust and have faith in Him. It is when we are stuck in those difficult and distant places that we tend to see God a little bit clearer.

I might still be anxious about flying, but I know that with God distance and time is never an issue. God takes the simple struggles in our life and shifts our perspective to always have our eyes fixed on Him.