Death is not a word we like to associate ourselves with. Many of us have been touched by it directly or indirectly. No matter how much dying is part of living, it never feels right. It always affects us. And the question that must be asked is, “why?”

I believe the reason is that we were never made to experience death. In the Bible we believe that God created us without death in mind – that man (and woman) could do life with him forever. But when we stepped away from Him, we in essence cut off our sustainable life-source, and death entered reality.

That is why we are always surprised at the emotions we face when death touches our lives. Eternity was placed within our hearts, but we have to navigate this world having lost the presence of those we love, need or even hated.

But death is not the end. It is only the end of a chapter in an endless masterpiece that’s unfolding.

Does that mean we don’t have to worry? On the contrary – what you do now while you live is even more important! It is in the short window of time that you have been given the gift of choice and the gift of influence.

What legacy will you leave when you graduate beyond time? How will people remember you? How will the world be better?

What you decide now will have eternal consequences – for you, for those you love and beyond. Your legacy is connected both to how you live and the inevitable fact that you will die. But death is by no means the end – the Bible tells us that beyond time there is an eternity that awaits every soul. It is just up to us whether we will spend that eternity with God in heaven, or without him in a place of great suffering.

God wants us to spend forever with Him, and so he sent his only son – Jesus to die on the cross and take the consequence of sin upon himself. But Jesus not only died in our place, He rose from that death so that he could reconcile us with God for eternity. God gave up everything for you to know Him – all you need to do is receive what He has done for you. If you would like to find out how you can receive this eternal gift – click on the link below.