Dealing with tragedy is such a difficult thing. We think we have all the answers until tragedy strikes us. Unfortunately, no-one is exempt from it. It can strike anyone of us, at anytime, often without warning. What can we do when everything is falling apart?

Surround yourself with people who love you

Often we don’t feel like being around people in the midst of tragedy. We think dealing with our pain and suffering on our own is easier. But it’s not. We were created to do life in community, and support from other people is crucial when dealing with tragedy. We sometimes think that people going through tragedy want to be left alone. But I have heard people say that even just knowing that people are sitting in the lounge while they are crying in their bedroom is comforting. It helps them to keep living for what they do have in their lives instead of wanting to stop living because of what they lost.

I remember when my grandpa passed away. My grandmother was devastated. She became down and depressed. My mom suggested that I go stay with my gran during the week and go back home on weekends. My gran lived close to my school and although it wasn’t ideal, we made it work. You may think that having a child around while you are grieving would be irritating but it really helped my gran. She had purpose and things to do to help me. It helped her keep going while her heart was healing.

I look back now and those were some of the happiest times of my life. My gran and I are so close today because of those difficult weeks we spent together.

If you are going through tragedy, don’t try to survive it on your own. People and family can be a great comfort but there is One who is the greatest comfort of all.

The Bible says that God is close to the broken-hearted. If you are dealing with tragedy, God is near to you and is waiting to comfort you, strengthen you and give you peace and calm in your soul.

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