The word corruption is undoubtedly one of the biggest buzz words on our continent – even in our world. We tend to throw the ‘corruption’ word out so easily at anything we do not like. What is corruption anyway?  Who can be corrupted?  How do you know if you are corrupt and is there a cure for it?

Whenever we are angry about the way a country is being run, the way things are happening, the way they are NOT happening, the way someone got a job, the way someone benefited from something or anything that seems to be a bit shady we label it corrupt.

The police force: corrupt

The government: corrupt

The awarded tender: corrupt

The elections: corrupt

A pay rise, end of year bonus or a promotion of anyone else but you: corruption!

I recently became aware of a campaign called ‘EXPOSED – Shining a light on corruption’.

In one of their presentations they stated that corruption was any abuse of power. This includes secrecy, tax evasion, nepotism, bribery, cheating, money laundering, discrimination, extortion, prejudice, collusion or favoritism. So perhaps we are all corrupt in some way? Perhaps we should look into our own business, our own workings and our own communities to see if there is any abuse of power or any unjust dealings? Perhaps it is time we move from complaining about corruption to admitting it, EXPOSING it and fixing it?


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