Brett Anderson
Brett "Fish" Anderson Husbandman to tbV | owner of No_bob | Improv player | Author of 'i, Church' | Chocoholic
Donna Burke
Donna BurkeDonna is a collector of ideas, random thoughts and fascinating bits of information. Married to her own, personal Prince Charming and mama of 4 amazing kids, she loves to encourage people to be the best they can possibly be and to help them embrace life and all its wonderful complexity and come out smiling on the other side.
Cassan Ferguson
Cassan Ferguson Happily married mum | Freelance writer | Director | Owner of React Drama School
Ryniel Muthusami
Ryniel Muthusami Love tech, cars, music, ice skating, and Jesus! I'm also DJ Ray Ray!
Wendy Grages
Wendy Grages 80's music lover | Crossword Puzzler | Speaker | Writer | Wife of 1 | Mom of 2
Claire Campbell
Claire Campbell Serial reader, Singer, Popcorn is life and so is Jesus!.
Chelsea Moses
Chelsea Moses Share my heart between Jozi and Cape Town. Old Soul. Loud Talker. Jesus is the Man.
Mike Mpofu
Mike MpofuLove and follow Jesus | News Junkie | Tea = FREEDOM
Tatum-Lee Louw
Tatum-Lee Louw Redeemed Writer, Blogger and Poet.
Fran Thring
Ruth O'Reilly-Smith
Ruth O'Reilly-Smith Woman - Wife - Mom to twin boy and girl - Daughter - Sister - Friend. Radio Broadcaster - Voice Over Artist - Writer. South African born - UK based - Global perspective. My Heavenly Father owns the cattle on a thousand hills and I am blessed and highly favoured.
David Webster
David Webster Creative Thinker | Music Composer | Teacher | Director
Chere Shiloh
Chere Shiloh My ultimate goal is making the one smile, Who makes me smile.
Wongel Abebe
Wongel Abebe I love photography, it’s one of my biggest passions in life. I love food; I believe that is one of the ways through which God shows us His love. And I love smiley faces! :)
Blessing Mpofu
Blessing Mpofu Just a guy changing the world. husband to ingrid. blogger, writer, growing leader and communicator.
Tams Weil
Tams Weil Occasional hermit. Constant geek. Book and cat lover. Fiancee, Christian and creative