Imagine you got a message on your phone now saying that you had won close to a  hundred thousand dollars in cash, and that it would be delivered to your door first thing tomorrow.

Yeah, right.  Like me, you would most probably assume that it was just another one of those scams –  you’d shake your head and delete it.  But then…imagine that while you’re having breakfast tomorrow morning there’s a knock at your door.  Two guys from Fedex greet you with a ‘secure delivery’ for which you have to sign a number of papers and prove your identity. As they drive away in their truck, you stare at a cheque for $86000 – made out to you!  There is a covering letter with it, listing the conditions of your incredible prize:

 1.       You can choose to spend the money however you want.

2.       The money cannot be transferred to anyone else, or put in the bank.

3.       All of the money must be spent TODAY – or forfeited forever.


Imagine!  How would you handle that situation?  Where you would go to?  How would you spend all the money?  Sheesh, I don’t know what I would do… so many options!  What I do know is that you wouldn’t catch me home watching TV, or sleeping, or worrying about things in the future.  Like you, I would be charging around making sure that I was maximizing the opportunity that I had for that special day!

Today IS a special day.

When it started you had exactly 86400 seconds to spend as you choose.  And the clock is ticking.  You cannot transfer the time to anyone else, nor can you ‘bank it’ for another occasion.  All of that precious time given to you is for TODAY only – once today becomes yesterday, that time is forfeited forever.

The million dollar question:  Are you maximizing the opportunity?

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