“Children are great imitators. So give them something great to imitate.” – Unknown

Children are good at playing copy cat. They watch what you do and say, and then proceed to do exactly the same. I’m surrounded by children on a daily basis who have all seemed to pick up on my habits. If not my habits then my sayings and my actions.

After awhile their parents notice a change in their child. Which in turn has resulted in me playing a big part in their child’s life, without me even noticing.

Children have often been my biggest challenge and my most rewarding gift. After teaching many different children over the years, I’ve found out some interesting things about them.

You are their biggest role model.

Children are always looking for an example to follow. Their greatest heroes might be Spiderman and the Ninja Turtles, but you are the tangible example in their daily lives.

At the age of six, my pupils tend to even walk the way I walk. If I don’t set a good example, they won’t follow it. I have to model what I know would be best for them in the future, and not just now.

Children are always watching to see what you do and how you do it.

Children love easily.

Children have an immeasurable  amount of love to give. There is no hidden agenda to why they love you. The more impact you have on their lives, the more time they want to spend with you.

They might challenge you, but they also respect you. Children learn from a young age to hold onto the one who has taught them right from wrong.

They love easily, because they trust you!

Children are the greatest teachers!

We are always looking to teach our children right from wrong. Or we want to teach them basic educational facts. Why not allow them to learn on their own?

Instead of me always teaching my children, they have surprised me and taught me.

They have taught me to be patient, because not every child is going to connect all the dots the first time. Often things need to be retaught and done over more than once. Once a child finally achieves their goals, it’s a teachers greatest reward to see their excitement.

Children teach you how to laugh. I’ve never had a day in my class that we haven’t all laughed together. They say the oddest things and then laugh at themselves. They are not shy, nor do they judge themselves or their friends.

They’ve taught me how to have fun. Fridays we play! We speak about fidget spinners and challenge each other in many games. We play together because we can.

Most importantly, they’ve taught me how to accept the Kingdom of Heaven like a child! They forgive easily, and they are slow anger. They trust blindly and love quickly. They give freely and are always eager to learn.

Children are great imitators, but they are also great teachers. Without even knowing it, one child can touch your heart for the rest of your life.




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