I love Christmas; I always have!  When I was a young child my father would always bring home a freshly cut pine tree and set it in the lounge.  Then, the dusty box in the garage roof would come down and we’d begin decorating the tree and draping the ceilings with Christmas trimmings.

Ah, I clearly recall the pine fragrance filling the air, me playing with the decorations before they made their way to the tree – those are awesome memories I will treasure forever.  It was always exciting decorating the house, but what was even more fun was seeing the gifts mysteriously appear under the tree.

You’ve heard how curiosity killed the cat; well, I used to get beyond excitement!  The anticipation of what could be beneath the wrapping was exhilarating.

Life is full of uncertainties and no matter how much you prepare for life, there are always unforeseen circumstances that will attempt to hinder your progress in life.  Life has often been referred to as having different seasons or chapters; as one door closes another opens…

When big change comes our way we can either kick and scream and fight the lurking and imminent change that awaits us; or we can embrace the change, see the positives that the change will bring and allow ourselves to be driven by passion, the idea of greater opportunities and personal development.

What if we approached change with the same enthusiasm and excitement we display for events like birthdays and Christmas etc?  You’ve often heard it said that attitude determines altitude; well this positive approach to change could certainly only aid and assist us in our new ventures in life.

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