I wonder what other bands think when it gets closer to the release date of a Casting Crowns album?  I think they get all of their marketing planning, distribution and sales pushes done so they can secure our hard-earned money before the next Crowns album drops!  That must be kind of true, because with 4 albums that have gone Platinum, 1 that has reached DOUBLE Platinum, as well as 5 that have gone Gold; it seems that everyone has gone out to buy at least 1 of the Georgia-based band’s releases since 2003!


So now, THRIVE was released on January the 28th, and the single ALL YOU’VE EVER WANTED has already peaked at 3 on the US Christian Charts and has hit number 1 on many an independent radio chart.  No-one, of course, is surprised by this at all.

CASTING CROWNSI had the incredible privilege of  spending time talking to their drummer, Brian Scoggin.  Don’t be fooled, the stereotype of the quiet drummer doesn’t apply here, because this man was very happy to have a chat about everything I needed to know concerning the band and their new album, and a whole lot more!  Can you believe that he didn’t even audition for his drummer position after Andy Williams left to record music with his wife?  Well, hear for yourself, what Brian had to say.  I’ve posted the Lyric Video for their first single down below as well, so don’t forget to give that a view or 2….or 3!