Can You Imagine A Life Like This?

This week’s yesHEis video addresses a topic that is relevant to all of us, that of suffering from a broken heart.  We have all had times when we have felt heart ache.  It might not always be for the same reason, but it’s an emotion that most of us are familiar with. Heartache comes in many different forms.  We wish we could avoid it, but it often happens without any warning.

What makes this video powerful is that this little girl was forced into heartache. She never asked to be married at the age of seven and to be with someone she didn’t love. Imagine the heartache of having your childhood stolen from you and being forced to live your life under someone else’s rule.

No one deserves this heartache!


The problem is, in the midst of heartache we often feel like there is no hope.  That there is no way that things could ever get better. It’s as if we are trapped in this situation with no sign of an exit.  But, that’s where we are wrong.  We don’t have to go through this alone, God is with us always! He never leaves us.  We no longer have to live with a broken heart, but can rather find hope in Him who will never break our heart.

I love that is Psalm 147:3 it says; “He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds”. God is here to heal us.  How amazing is that? He knows us so well.  He even knows how many hairs each of us have on our head! God wants to be our comforter and healer; all we have to do is let Him in.

so make a choice today to no longer live in heartache, but rather to live in the freedom and love that is so freely given to us by a God who is everlasting and full of abundant grace.

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