I have a confession, I am addicted to technology. There you go, I said it.

I literally can’t go a day without it. If I’m not behind my computer, I’m checking out the apps on my phone. I’ve become so dependent on technology that I use it for everything, but most importantly I use it to answer all my questions. Whenever I’m unsure about something all I have to do is type the question into Google, and there you go, instant answers. I no longer need to read a book, or ask someone a question, all the answers I’ll ever need are right there.

It’s awesome!

But the more I think about it, the more I realize that there are questions that even the most advanced technology can’t help me with. There will always be theories and facts available, but I’m talking about real answers, answers that wont just change the way you think, but have the potential to change who you are.

This video reminds me that often the questions we have regarding who we are, our purpose on earth and those really tough questions about God can’t simply be answered with facts and figures.

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No matter how much information you have available to you, you will never know who God is until you have a personal revelation of who He is through Jesus. And you will never know what your true purpose is, until God reveals it to you.

I love how in the video STELLA has all the answers to his questions, yet none of her responses truly give the reply he is after. It’s only once he has a revelation of what God has done, that he then knows who God is. Jesus isn’t so interested in the facts and figures, he is interested in having a personal relationship with you.

So instead of trying to have all the answers, know that no matter how much we want to know God, the only way to truly experience Him and His love is to get to know Him personally.

So take a step of faith, choose to trust in Jesus, even without all the answers.   Follow your heart in this – it’s something technology can never replace!

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