Why is controversial so controversial?? Or is it just perspective?

We live in a new world where tolerance is key. In order to fit into society, you better be tolerant of all the weird and wonderful people out there. A group which has definitely been outcast from most of society’s tolerance has been homosexuals.

In recent years, the fight for tolerance towards homosexuality has been a fierce and strong one. However, what about people who have turned away from homosexuality? How do they feel and how will they be looked upon? There are testimonies of people who were once homosexual but after a few experiences and revelations, decided that life wasn’t going in the direction that they would want it to.

Sadly, many people I have spoken to believe these “reformed homosexuals” are lying and kidding themselves. Many think that, once an individual has experienced the life of homosexuality, changing is impossible. There is the belief that they will “relapse” and fall back into what they are used to. To the skeptics I say, you are being just as judgmental as those who judged them for being gay or lesbian in the first place. This is why I believe those who come out and share their testimonies are brave. I commend anyone who has the courage to recount their life story openly, show the world their experience and provide other people who have gone through similar experiences a new hope.

check out some of the testimonies below:

Eugene – Coming Out The Closet


Philip- Seeing Myself As a Man


ZELDA – Treated Like a Boy


I Never Wanted to be Gay


In researching this topic, I’ve come across some interesting things.  In the process ive also acquired a large list of Google searches that nobody would ever want in their browser history like “can gay people turn straight”

From what I have seen, it is much harder for a gay person to try and go back to being heterosexual, there is an awkward pressure and animosity from the different communities and it becomes extremely difficult for the individual. So these videos serve not only as a personal testament, but as a light to those who are in a struggling situation and not sure how to get out.


As a Christian, I know that homosexuality is not what God intended in the design of men and women, but as a human I also know not to judge other peoples choices, and for some reason Christians find it easier to tolerate non Christians who seem more normal to society, but can’t do the same with those who have chosen certain paths like homosexuality. This is such a touchy subject with varying opinions bursting in your head right now I assume, just hold your horses for a seccy..

Whether it’s in mainstream society or religious beliefs, I think love and acceptance should be the standard we set for ourselves and then go from there.


Opinion time! What do you think the worlds standards should be? In a place where everybody is different yet we are all stuck in the same boat… Is there place for moral absolutes?

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