First of all it think it’s important to mention that I’m not the type of guy who you would regularly see in a book store.  As a matter of fact if I got into a book store once a year, that would probably be a lot. But,on the odd occasion that I do go, I always notice one thing and that’s that all the books on display appear to be “best sellers”. No matter what book you pick up, it always seems to have a sticker on it saying “best seller” followed by a quote from someone famous endorsing how good the book is.

So the questions is, if all books seem to be “best sellers” then which book is the best of the “best”? Now I know when someone mentions the all time best selling book, most peoples first thoughts would be that I must be one of the twilight books, or perhaps Harry Potter. Well the truth is, it isn’t either of those books, in fact the best selling book was written before any of us were born.

Do you want to know what the best selling book is? I’ll tell you, the book that has sold the most copies in the world is… The BIBLE

Yup, that’s right! The best selling book of all time is the bible. Now I know for some that may seem a bit strange, because you don’t often hear people saying that they just popped off to the bookstore to get a bible. I suppose the next question is, why is the bible so popular, I mean, isn’t it just a book made up of a random bunch of stories from long ago?

Well if you aren’t familiar with the bible, I can understand why you may see it that way, because it’s the same way as I used to see it. But, here is a video that I think will help clarify why exactly people read the bible, and what all those “random” stories really mean.

What makes the bible so special is that it is a book like no other, this book has the power to change someone’s life. It is a book that is alive, and even though it was written thousands of years ago, seems to be more relevant now than ever before.

What makes the bible so special is that it is the living word of God, and by God, I’m not referring to an old man with a walking stick, but rather someone who knows you and loves you and desperately want to have a relationship with you.

The bible is filled with stories of love, fear, prosperity and desperation, yet all these stories point directly to a savior who loves us. That’s what makes the bible so popular!

So, if you have never read your bible before, why not give it a go. You might be surprised by what you read.

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