Tragic, sad, painful. These are the words that came to heart when news networks announced the death of Bobbi Kristina, daughter and only child of late superstar Whitney Houston and singer Bobby Brown, who died Sunday 26 July at the age of 22. Losing a daughter, granddaughter, friend, at the beautiful and vibrant age of 22 would be, for anyone, a very bitter experience to go through.

In moments like these, many things are said and all kinds of reports released. Inevitably, some will point fingers, and each one will have an angle from which they view the story. In everything we hear and see happening around us, whether good or bad, there’s always a lesson one can draw. Here’s what the tragedy of a life ending so young teaches us about life:

1. No one is guaranteed to live until old age: We are often frightened at the thought of dying, and when the subject is brought up, young people specifically tend to think it doesn’t concern them. But truth is, death is no respecter of age, money or good looks. Nobody gets a heads up on when they will die. Whether you’re 15 or 48, keep in mind that life is now. All you have is today. Give your present life your best efforts and enjoy it at the same time. That big dream you have, start working on it now. Invest in people, in your community, in something. Make use of the talents and resources you have to build something that will make life better for the next generation so that, whenever your time on earth is up, you won’t be found in a state of waiting for the next opportunity or experience to make your impact in life. There isn’t a specific age at which one is expected to succeed. Whatever dream you have, begin working on it now.

2. Be conscious of every choice you make and keep in mind that each one of them will bear consequences: We all love to have stability in life. It is in us all to want to make something of our lives. But success comes with discipline, commitment and sacrifice. Know what you are pursuing in life, and what you dream your life to be, and decide which are the lines you will cross and those you will not cross. Set values for yourself, abide by them and do not allow yourself to be swayed by any kind of pressure or influence. If staying away from certain negative influences will help you focus on what matters, don’t be afraid to set those boundaries. A disciplined life can be hard to maintain but you will reap many good benefits from it. Don’t refrain from saying no to people or things that are working against the picture you have for your life.

More than these two points is the ability to acknowledge that life is full of twists and turns and, without God, the author of life in the picture, it’s easy to succumb to pressure of all forms and completely lose your mind. We don’t want that to be your story. Allowing Him in your life is all that God is asking. When you look at how things are happening in the world right now, it leads many to believe that life is possible and fun without God in it. But we at 1Africa, believe that God is real and that He alone can sustain human life and give meaning to it. Without Him, life can potentially be one great mess. If you’d like to know Him, please click on the banner below.