On this week’s edition of Big Up Africa, we want to do something a little bit different. Seeing as it’s a brand spanking new year, why not take our hats off to the very people we write this weekly piece for? The people I’m talking about are friendly, resilient and know how to have a really great time! When it’s time to work, most of us work hard and grind till it hurts. It’s true that we have had our challenges and still have some work to do before we reach that promised land of opportunity and prosperity for all.

If you’re still in doubt and not sure where we’re going with this, our first Big Up Africa post this year is dedicated to the people of the beautiful continent of Africa. It doesn’t matter what race or ethnic group you belong to; whether you are rich or poor; whether you are educated or not; or what the circumstances or background of your life might be. As long as you belong to Africa, have a burning desire to see things get better and are doing something about it in one way or another, this Big Up Africa┬áis our shout-out to you!

We figured that this TV spot from the peeps over at DStv might inspire you and get your 2015 juices going. Go hard and go get ’em this year!

Blessings from the 1Africa team.